The Alpha’s Howl

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A scarred pig. A dangerous wolf.

It has always been this way; two families at war.

His father destroyed her family. She burned his father to death.

Now centuries later, the tradition of hate and malice continues. He is out for vengeance, seeking to terminate the porker of the ‘Piggly Wiggly’ tribe who killed his father.

She eats wolf for breakfast … raw, and has no problem taking down the one who wants her dead. Wolves ruined her family, took away her protection. Although pigs are known to be vulnerable, this particular porker is no pushover.

But fate is twisted.

As the two enemies face off in a deadly battle, his huffing and puffing is tearing her walls down. And it’s not the walls it was intended to rip apart, but the walls of protection she build around her heart.

Facing his enemy has never been this difficult. Not only is she proving to be a formidable opponent, she is also intent to warming his stone old heart.