F’d Up Fairy Tale Collection

The F’d Up Fairy Tale Collaboration

Do you like fairy tales? What if all you've been wrong about your favorite fairy tale all this time?

Seventeen tales from seventeen authors will have your heart pumping and your pulse racing. Hold onto the edge of your seats as we take you on the wild side.

These are not your typical "every thing is dandy" fairy tale.

Warning: Adult content included and all fairy tales may not end in the happily ever after.


The Princess Bed

"A fae prince who wants for nothing and no one, except the human who might be his princess." - by Laverne Thompson

Sleep Sweetly

"A woman struggling to let go of her murdered love, finds out that in order to let go of him, she in turn, might have to let go of herself." - by Angel Mystique.

Into The Darkness

"For Rip Van Warren, being cursed is no longer the threat, falling in love is." - by Siren Allen

For You I Quill

"When a sexy artist offers Kimber Roth a magic quill... she could write herself into what she needs to be or will love make her want to paint herself a completely different picture?" - by Leela Lou Dahlin


"King Eldridge is willing to do anything to restore his beloved family, even make a deal with the devil." - by Deidre DS Green and Stephanie Nicole Norris


"Blessed Gift or a Deadly Curse? Transformation sometimes comes at a cost. What happens when the darkness that changes you doesn't want to let go?" - by Reana Malori

The Muted Swan

La Belle Bete

"Two lovers, separated by circumstances, meet again. One wants a reunion, the other wants revenge." - by Dahlia DeWinters

The Cinderella Plan

"Two princes and one feisty maiden. Who will she choose?" - by Diana Flame

Feeling Froggy