Introducing Diana Flame Fairytales

I am a strong believer that authors should keep genres separate. Don’t ask, I have no idea where I got this from. But what I can say is that I have observed several authors, especially one as successful as Nora Roberts write under different pen-names.

Based on my research on traditional publishers, when an author produces a book in a new genre, the publisher often advises a new pen name. This goes for many famous authors with the exception of a few such a Stephen King. The reason behind these publishers advising about using a new name is that they are not sure the new genre would be well received.

Perhaps based on experience, not many people have had success producing several genre on the same name. We all know that some readers are genre specific. For instance, romance authors tend to be persnickety about the themes they read.

I recalled three years ago when I published a clean romance on my romance pen-name. The single book turned into a series. That was great and well received. My next book was quite the steamy read and guess what happened? I lost more than half of my newsletter subscribers.

I have learned my lesson from that. Of course I still write clean and steamy romances on the same pen name. But when I tried to publish my PNR on that pen name is was not well received. So what I have done is to add a twist to my pen name Diana Flame which will differentiate between genres.

Diana’s Fairytales will be reserved specifically for fairy-tale retelling, both romantic and non-romantic. I will also be releasing my previous two fairy-tales; The Cinderella Plan and The Red Cape

Look out this coming September for Dubious Love, a Cinderella step mother romance. Yes, myself along with nine other authors are cooking upon something called, Once Upon a Villain. Villains need love too…don’t you think?