The Cinderella Plan – Book 1 Revved Up Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, Cinderella goes to the ball in a pumpkin carriage and at midnight, she changes back to rags and loses her glass slipper… right?


A girl with a feisty disposition who is no pushover is Cinderella.  A stepmother seeking revenge after being thrown out of the house by her stepdaughter is Isolde. Both are at war.

Welcome to the Izadel Kingdom, a place ruled by heinous laws. If you as much as look at the prince sideways you may end up losing your head.

When Cinderella ‘accidentally’ knees the prince in his groin she fears she may be the next they behead in the town square. But Prince Tobyn has other plans. All he needs is to find the girl who cracked his ‘balls’ before the ball in order not to become the laughing stock of the entire kingdom.

However, Cinderella has troubles of her own. Meeting Galien was by pure chance, but it seems the handsome stranger has a secret. Their encounter, though brief is exciting to say the least, but she is certain she will never see him again.

Then she is summoned to the palace. When she refuses to wed the prince, he blackmails her by threatening to report her assault on his lower extremity. But Prince Tobyn isn’t the kind and gentle prince everything thinks he is. When she discovers his dark side Cinderella herself demands she be arrested.

Insulting the king by refusing the hand of the prince not only gets you thrown in the dungeon, but also a beheading. Cinderella has accepted her fate. Her hatred for the king himself and their precious prince causes her to strengthen her resolve.

Just when the commander of the guard is ready to snap the lever which will wipe her neck clean, a savior arrives. Only, he is the last thing Cinderella expects as the last time she saw him he scared her half to death with his yellow eyes, long snout and brown fur.

This time she doesn’t faint, but she does fight for her life as the bear snatches her and makes for the jungle.

Find out what happens in this first installment of the Revved Up Fairy Tales. The Cinderella Plan, Book 1 will be released on May 19.

High fantasy, some paranormal, action and definitely romance will greet you in this epic retelling of your favorite tale.


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