Revved Up Fairy Tales Series

The Revved Up Fairy Tales series was borne from the invitation to collaborate on a fairy tale collection called F'd Up Fairy Tales. Having almost completed my contribution to the collaboration, I then realized that my story would surpass the required word count, hence a book 2 was born.

My imagination then, as always for those who know me, took a weird turn and I found myself jotting down ideas for other fairy tales.

The series will have approximately 6 books including the first 2 books being about Cinderella. Book 3 will be retelling of Red Riding Hood, book 4 will be Snow White. All books in the series will be full novels except for books 1 and 2 which will be split in 2 due to circumstances beyond my control.

The stories will range from the medieval retelling to futuristic installments. One never knows with a fairy tale where the heroine will end up. So far, the Cinderella version is high/epic fantasy, depicted in a fiction world. Book 3 might be somewhat futuristic with supernatural elements, but they all will be mostly epic/high fantasy.

The stories will be more than just romance. They will be centered around strong heroic female characters whose lives are not just about meeting a prince who sweeps them off their feet.

Get ready to meet super-heroines you will fall in love with. These are not the fairytales you read as a child. Strong parental guidance is advised. If you are not into adult content, these stories will not be for you. 

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