Awakening: The Prince of Nabalar

This is the first book in the Awakened Series.


When Ariella Vega left earth on the DEMAC-109 to deliver merchandise to OM-969 galaxy, she was just a sub-commander on a ship. As fate would have it, or maybe the intervention of an alien prince, their ship failed, causing them to land on an unknown planet in a sector not on the star charts.

But soon she would learn that this was indeed fate, foretold by the oracles. As she falls for the alien prince and his inner energy awakens, she is pulled into the life on Nabalar. But her only mission is to find her father and Nabalar must wait. Not so for the king and queen who are desperate to save their people and only she can. She is the one foretold in the prophecy, for her to leave would be detrimental to the life-force of the planet.

When the prince is put in danger, Ariella must make a choice. Only that choice wasn’t really hers as she will come to know later. Find out what happens in this first installment of the Awakened Series. 

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