The Awakened Series

Awakening: The Prince of Nabalar

Her coming was foretold by the Oracles. The prince needed to find his bride. However, there were no eligible women for him on his planet. The life-force which controlled the reproduction of children had depleted and only when the prophecy has been fulfilled would Nabalar be saved. Ariella has arrived and is the one the Oracles foretold would come. but her presence has evoked the wrath of the evil overlord. Will she stay and fight or will she return home?

Birthright - Special Edition Coming soon

Ariella has declared that she is no pushover. After the defeat of the monsters and the federation troops the brothers Mirsux and Julkaz finally put their differences aside. But the battle isn't over as they must discover if the cyborg in the underground crypt is one of the missing princes. Ariella anxiously awaits the return of her father, but the secret he reveals might just be the biggest secret of them all.

Emergence (Prince of Xygor) Coming soon

A bastard prince who does not know where he belongs. His only mission was to save his dying planet. Now that he learns the mother who reared him is not his birth mother, his mission is now to save himself. Will the Prince of Xygor emerge victorious, or will he succumb to his despair?


The Dragon Curse

There is no fury like a witch scorned. Cursed to spend eternity roaming the earth, the Dragon Master has yet […]

"When life feeds you lemons, make them into characters" - Diana Flame


Diana Flame is romance author who lives in several worlds. Her favorite genres to write include sci-fan, paranormal (shifters and vampires), supernatural billionaires and bad boys. She also writes clean and contemporary romances which can be found HERE. Diana writes passion filled romances with a side of spicy. You will need a glass of wine and perhaps a cold shower .. or whatever.. after reading. If you are looking for romance without adult content, please follow the link above.